JPK Plumbing


Everything that does not involve the inside of a gas boiler. Plumbing work is very varied, so here are some recent jobs:

  • Toilets, lots of them. Any trouble with a toilet is all in a day's work
  • Leaks of every description, in every imaginable place
  • Installation of new WC, basin bath, bidet etc
  • Replacement of worn-out showers, mixer or electric
  • Installation of kitchen mixer taps
  • Repair and replacement of taps of all sorts
  • Plumbing in of washing machines and dishwashers
  • Installation and repair of outside taps
  • Fitting of new radiators and where necessary taking up floorboards to alter pipework
  • Fitting of new radiator valves
  • Fit heated towel rail in bathroom
  • Replacement of a cracked cold water cistern in a loft, including carpentering of a stable platform for it
  • Repairing a leak at the joint between a lead pipe and a copper one
  • Fit magnetic filter to central heating system.
  • Fit scale-inhibiting filter to water supply


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